upgrading and rebuilding for cold roll mill production line for one domestic uer

May. 18, 2020

we can design  can build the whole plant  for users according to user detail  requirement 

Step 1: the preliminary project plan shall be investigated, and the design tasks shall be formulated according to the user's equipment status and market needs

Step 2: preliminary design.This includes determining the working principle and basic structural form of the machine, conducting motion design, structural design and drawing preliminary general drawings and preliminary reviews.

Step 3: technical design.This includes the revision of the design (according to the preliminary review), the drawing of all parts and new general drawings, and the second review.

Step 4: work drawing design.Including the final modification (according to the opinions of the second audit), drawing all work drawings (such as part drawings, part assembly drawings and general assembly drawings, etc.), making all technical documents (such as part lists, lists of vulnerable parts, instructions for use, etc.).

Step 5: site installation, repeated debugging, staff training.