• 20 Hi reversible cold rolling mill

20 Hi reversible cold rolling mill

Twenty-roll cold rolling mill 

It is applicable to rolling strip difficult for deformation such as stainless steel, silicon steel and alloy steel. It has the maximum tension of 40T, the maximum rolling force of 1000 tons and the highest speed of 600m/min. 

Twenty-roll cold rolling mill 

It is applicable to rolling strip difficult for deformation such as stainless steel, silicon steel and alloy steel. It has the maximum tension of 40T, the maximum rolling force of 1000 tons and the highest speed of 600m/min. The stepped roll configuration allows the working rolls to have small diameters and ensures the horizontal rigidity of working rolls. The integrated mill housing design enable the mill to provide sufficient rigidity and spilt design of upper and lower roll boxes ensures large roll gap, allows easy strip feeding and can effectively protect rolls. Meanwhile, the mill is provided with various profile control ways such as setting of backing bearing eccentricity, radian grinding of two intermediate rolls, twitching of one intermediate roll, crown adjustment of A/D supporting roll and injection adjustment of rolling lubricant, thus ensuring good rolling profile. The electric drive system adopts Siemens S7-400 PLC as the main controller and AGC system is controlled by Siemens S7-416+FM458. Key elements, such as MOOG servo valve and SONY magnetic scale, are imported products.

1.Brief Introduction

This 1450mm 20 Hi Reversible Cold Rolling Mill was designed to roll 1.0~3.0mm plain carbon steel, low alloy steel and  200, 300,400 series stainless steel board into 0.2-1.2mm thick as clients’requirement. The model has flexible rolling process,  and it can adapt to changing raw materials and product specifications in a wide range, The equipment is relatively simple, taking small space for construction, with low investment, and quick returns.

2.Technical data of the Mill 

NoSpecification  Data
1Max   Rolling Pressure9000KN
2Max   Rolling Torque66kN·m
4Max   Rolling Speed500m
5Max   coiling tension400KN
6Max   threading speed30m/min
6Max   coiling speed540m/min
7Work Roll SizeΦ63.5mm,   material: Cr12Mo1V1  ; Hardness: HRC63-65 
7Intermediate roll sizeThe   first Intermediate rollΦ102mm,   material Cr12Mo1V1, hardness HRC61-63; The second Intermediate roll: Φ173m, Material: 9Cr2Moor  9Cr2MoV   Hardness:HRC59-61.
8Driving   RollΦ173mm, Material: 9Cr2Mo or 9Cr2MoV;  Hardness: HRC59-61 
9Backing   bearingΦ300mm, Material :bearing steel
10The   mandrel diameter of coiling machineφ610~φ596㎜(entire   circleφ610㎜) 

3. Product Program

Standard of coming material

Material qualityPlain carbon steel/low alloy steel/200,300,400 series stainless steel/ silicon steel
Mechanical Propertiesбs≤1000 N/mm2    ;бb≤1400 N/mm2
Rolling diameter(interior/exterior)Φ610mm-Φ2200 
The maximum rolling weight28t 

Standard of finished products 

The maximum rolling weight28t

4. Equipment Level

1) Full hydraulic pressure, hydraulic AGC automatic control. It has constant roll gap position control, constant pressure control, roll deviation adjustment, thickness pre control, monitoring function etc.

2) The whole control system adopts the upper computer control management technology, the full digital DC speed control device, the decentralized PLC unit process control and the remote communication networking technology. Through the two stage network, the rolling mill power supply, the AC and DC main motor control, the PLC system, the remote I/0 system, the AGC PLC system, the human-machine interface (HMI) are integrated into one. Unified design of the interface relationship of each system, thus forming the modern automatic control system of the rolling mill.

3) The main operation console is equipped with man-machine interface, which completes the rolling mill status screen display (winding tension value, current value, speed value and other main process parameters) and manual adjustment, rolling process parameter setting, fault alarm and printing report.

4) The main components and hydraulic pumps of the low-pressure hydraulic system adopt domestic high-quality products; the high-pressure AGC hydraulic system and key seals adopt imported products.

5. Sales Performance Table of 6 Hi Cold Rolling Mill 

NoYearClientsProduction Line Specification
12008广东LS钢铁有限公司Guangdong LS steel Co.,Ltd.1450mm 二十辊可逆冷轧机组1450mm 20 Hi   reversible cold rolling mill machine 
22006BS钢铁制品有限公司 Bd Iron   and Steel Products Co., Ltd.1450mm 二十辊可逆普碳钢冷轧机1450mm 20 Hi   reversible cold rolling mill machine
32006福建YD不锈钢制品有公司Fujian YD Group Co., Ltd.850mm  二十辊可逆不锈钢冷轧机850mm 20 Hi   reversible stainless steel cold rolling mill machine
42006太原LX不锈钢有限公司Taiyuan LX stainless steel Co.,Ltd.830mm  二十辊可逆不锈钢冷轧机830mm 20 Hi   reversible stainless steel cold rolling mill machine

6. High end customized Manufacture for Cold Rolling Mill 

If the advertised cold rolling mill is not what you need, please fill the 

following table, we will offer you what you required.

NO序号Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Remarks简要说明
1Material   Grades原料材质 
Purpose of use成品用途

2Entry thickness  原料厚度
Exit thickness    成品厚度

3Entry width原料宽度
Inner diameter   of finished products成品内径

4Inner diameter   of incoming material原料内径
Outer diameter   of finished product成品外径

5Outer diameter   of incoming material原料外径
Annual output年产量

6Max weight of   incoming coil原料重量
Max speed   requirements运行速度

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