• 650mm 4 Hi Cold rolling mill

650mm 4 Hi Cold rolling mill

It includes models with width range between 650mm and 1450mm, with the highest speed of 1200m/min, the maximum rolling force of 2000T and the maximum coiling tension of 24 tons. 

Four-roll, Six-roll cold rolling mill 

It includes models with width range between 650mm and 1450mm, with the highest speed of 1200m/min, the maximum rolling force of 2000T and the maximum coiling tension of 24 tons. It can be used for rolling alloy steel such as 65Mn and 30 CrMo, allows various profile adjustment ways such as positive/negative bending of working roll, bending and twitching of intermediate roll, depressing for deviation adjustment and cooling roll step by step, and can be provided with double-station  roll changing carriage, oil-gas lubrication system for roll bearing and automatic rolling line adjustment device. The electric drive system adopts Siemens S7-400 PLC as the main controller and AGC system is controlled by Siemens S7-416+FM458. Key elements, such as EMG automatic centering system, MOOG servo valve, SONY magnetic scale, POLYTEC laser velocimeter and Dr-Brandt tensionmenter, are imported products.

650mm 4Hi Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Unit( Low configuration)

1.Brief Introduction

The unit will carry out finish rolling of stainless steel coils with material thickness of 2.5-3.25mm. After several passes of rolling, it will be rolled into high-precision cold-rolled steel coils of 0.5-1.95mm, using a single-stand reversible four-roll cold rolling mill to ensure high-speed and stable production of thin gauge products.

2.Main Technical parameters of cold rolling mill 

NoSpecification  Data
1Specification   of Rolling Mill160/550650 mm  


2Drive   ModeSupport   Roll drive
3Max   Rolling Pressure6000KN
4Max   Rolling Speed120m/min(low   gear); for the high gear: 360-480mpm
5Max   rolling torque335   KN*M
5Winding   tension0-70KN
6Winding   speed0-130m/min
7Work roll sizeF160×650  mm
9Back   roll sizeF550×600   mm
11Solid   core diameter of mandrel of coiling machineF500  mm
12Rolling   line elevation+1000  mm
13Housing   section35cm×45cm=1575   cm2
14Turning   Roller diameter200  mm
15Unit   mechanical equipment electrical installation capacityDC: 430KW+185*2KW=800KW  

AC: ≈200  KW  

16Maximum Lifting component weight ≈5  t(supporting roll device)
17maximum   installation part weight≈13  t( housing section)
18Unit   dimensions ≈8x14x4  m 

3.Product Program

Standard of coming material

Material quality300 series stainless steel
Mechanical Propertiesσs≤400  N/mm2 
Rolling diameter(interior /exterior)Φ500/1600/mm 
The maximum rolling weight6t 

Standard of finished products 

Rolling diameter(interior/exterior)Φ500/(Φ1600)mm 
The maximum rolling weight6t

4.Equipment Level

1)The main components of the low pressure hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump adopt domestic high quality products; 

2)The gears of the important drive equipment reducer, such as the coiler and the main rolling mill, adopt the hard tooth surface grinding gear; the bearings of the coiling machine and the main rolling mill reducer are selected with domestic high quality products.

3)The Eurotherm 590 All Digital DC Speed Regulator is adopted to Simulate constant tension control method

5.Sales Performance Table of 4 Hi Cold Rolling Mill 

NoYearClientsProduction Line Specification


12017揭阳YS带钢有限公司Jieyang YS Steel   Coil Co.,Ltd.550mm四辊平整拉矫联合机组          550 mm 4 Hi temper mill &   tension leveler machine
22015浙江XD板业有限公司 Zhejiang XD steel plate Co,Ltd900mm四辊轧机拆装改造        900 mm 4 Hi cold rolling   mill demolition   modification
32015揭阳市KL不锈钢公司Jieyang KL Stainless   Steel Co.,Ltd.900mm四辊轧机改造          900mm 4 Hi cold   rolling mill modification
42013广东RX实业有限公司Guangdong RX Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.1450mm四辊不锈钢平整机组     1450 mm 4 Hi stainless steel temper mill
52012无锡市WY机械制造有限公司                   Wuxi WY Mechanical   Manufacturing Co.,Ltd1200mm四辊平整机组项目              1200mm 4 Hi skin pass mill
62012山东省博兴县SN不锈钢有限公司Shandong SN stainless steel   Co., Ltd.1250mm四辊轧平机1250mm 4   Hi reversible cold rolling mill machine
72009河北YC玻璃金属制品公司Hebei YC Glass Metal Product Co.,Ltd.850mm  四辊可逆冷轧机组             850mm 4 Hi   reversible cold rolling mill  modification
82008天津SJ制钢有限公司      Tianjin SJ Steel Co, Ltd.650mm  四辊不可逆冷轧机组             650 mm 4 Hi cold   rolling mill
92007上海HBF合金材料有公司Shanghai HBF Alloy Material Co.,Ltd.1450mm 四辊可逆轧平机组   1450mm 4   Hi reversible cold rolling mill unit
102006BS钢铁制品有限公司 Bd Iron   and Steel Products Co., Ltd.1450mm 四辊平整机组                  1450mm 4 Hi temper mill machine
112004BS钢铁制品有限公司 Bd Iron   and Steel Products Co., Ltd.1250mm 四辊可逆普碳钢冷精轧机1250mm 4 Hi   reversible cold rolling mill machine
122003BS钢铁制品有限公司 Bd Iron   and Steel Products Co., Ltd.650mm四辊冷轧机组650mm    4 Hi cold rolling mill machine


6. If the above specification or configuration is not you desired, please fill the following table, we will offer you what you required.

NO序号Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Remarks简要说明
1Material   Grades原料材质 
Purpose of use成品用途

2Entry thickness  原料厚度
Exit thickness    成品厚度

3Entry width原料宽度
Inner diameter   of finished products成品内径

4Inner diameter   of incoming material原料内径
Outer diameter   of finished product成品外径

5Outer diameter   of incoming material原料外径
Annual output年产量

6Max weight of   incoming coil原料重量
Max speed   requirements运行速度

7. The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Production Lin

Specification   of Cold Rolling Mill
roller   Type4-roller   , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.
Stand   Typesingle-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold   rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands) 
Size   of finished productsWidth:   from 350-1450mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm
Applicationour   range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for   the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products   such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate. 

Hebei Moran provides the customers with all-around, high value-added pre- sales & after-sales services. Factory design, selection of utility & auxiliary facilities, unit process layout, civil foundation design reference, as well as the well-rounded training combined with theory and hands-on exercises for line operators and maintainers, all are freely available.

Our advantage:

1) Customized Production 

2) High cost-effective product

3). All-around pre-sales & after-sales services

4) Independent intellectual property rights