1450mm Partial 8 hi Cold rolling mill

The MKW Cold rolling mill (Partial eight-roll mill )can be used as a roughing mill before the twenty-roll mill. Therefore, the eight-high mill has a faster development and a wider range of applications. It can be used for rolling carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel and cold-rolled hard-to-deform steel, as well as thin strips and foils for non-ferrous metals.

MKW Rolling Mill (Biased 8 roller Cold Rolling Mill)

The MKW rolling mill is a kind of small diameter working roll and a unique cold rolling mill. It is a multi roll rolling mill on the basis of the four roll mill of the supporting roll. Because of adopting small diameter work roll and roller adjusting device, the working roll position is relatively stable, and the horizontal rigidity is high. The maximum reduction is up to 40-60%, which is a non-traditional multi roll cold rolling mill appeared in modern times. The output of eight high rolling mill can meet the requirements of strength and rigidity of rolling needs and overcoming the lateral bending of working roll. It also has simple structure, easy adjustment, good working stability, reversible rolling, increasing the pressure, reducing the pass and simplifying the cold rolling process (that is, reducing the intermediate annealing times) and improving the output quality, etc. The eight-high mill can be used as the roughing mill before the 20-high mill. Therefore, The MKW rolling mill is developing rapidly and has a wide range of application. It can be used for rolling carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel and cold rolled refractory steel, etc. It is also suitable for non-ferrous metal strip and foil.

1450mm MKW Reversible Cold Rolling Mill 


The production of this unit is to roll picked stainless steel coils with the thickness of 1.5~3.5mm into high precision cold rolled coils with the thickness of 0.3~1.0mm through several time of rolling. It adopts single-stand MKW reversible cold rolling mill, The large tension coiler and thickness gauge etc, which can realize large tension rolling and guarantee high-speed and stable production with specified thinness.

2. Technical data of the Mill 

NoSpecification  Data
1Specification   of Rolling MillF160/F145/F260/F1050´1450  mm 
2Drive   ModeSupport   Roll drive
3Max   Rolling Pressure12000KN
4Max   Rolling Speed360m/min-220m/min(high gear/low   gear)
5Max   coiling tension300KN-460KN(high   gear/low gear)
6Max   coiling speed380m/min
7Work roll sizeF160×1450  mm
8Intermediate   roll size F145×1450  mm
9Back   roll sizeF1050×1400   mm
10Backing   bearingF260  mm
11Solid   core diameter of mandrel of coiling machineF600  mm
12Rolling   line elevation+1000  mm
13Housing   section50cm×60cm=3000  cm2 
14Working   pressure of hydraulic systemGeneral   hydraulic transmission: 10  Mpa Press-down   system pressure: 21  Mpa
15Unit   mechanical equipment electrical installation capacityDC:1250*2KW+900*4KW =6100KWAC: ≈300  KW  
16Maximum Lifting component weight ≈15  t(supporting roll device)
17maximum   installation part weight≈30  t( housing section)
18Unit   dimensions ≈22x20x6  m 

3. Product Program

Standard of coming material

Material quality400 series stainless steel
Mechanical Propertiesσs≤400  N/mm2 
Rolling diameter(interior /exterior)Φ600/(Φ2000)mm 
The maximum rolling weight25t 

Standard of finished products 

Rolling diameter(interior/exterior)Φ600/(Φ2000)mm 
The maximum rolling weight25t

4. Equipment Level

1) The main rolling mill and coiler drive system adopts Siemens 6RA80 full digital DC speed regulation, thyristor power supply and unit PLC control.

2) The basic automation system of the unit is composed of Siemens S7-400 series PLC as the main controller, which is combined with the corresponding remote I/O (ET-200M) to control the operation of the rolling line and auxiliary equipment.

3) The AGC is an automated thickness control system with FM458 function modules. Full hydraulic pressure. It has constant roll gap control, constant rolling force control, adjustment control, automatic prepressure control, thickness precontrol AGC, thickness monitoring AGC, tension / speed AGC, acceleration and deceleration AGC compensation control, roll eccentricity compensation and so on, as well as rolling process database, data display and operation control, product quality tracking function, high speed rolling Process management functions such as automatic data recording, automatic report generation, fault alarm and recording.

4) The upper and lower support rollers are separately driven to reduce the consistency of the roller diameter.

5) The rolling mill electrical system has safety protection measures such as overload protection, broken belt protection and emergency stop; the unit has automatic deceleration with tail, accurate parking and multi-point parking function; the coiler has lap number memory, belt length calculation, and accurate support roller shaft GPS.

6) The unit has functions of presetting process parameters, detecting process parameters and key parameters of equipment, displaying, alarming and storing records.

7) The main operation console is equipped with man-machine interface, which completes the rolling mill status screen display (winding tension value, current value, speed value and other main process parameters) and manual adjustment, rolling process parameter setting, fault alarm and printing report.

8) The gear adopts five grade precision 20CrMnMo alloy steel carburized quenching gear and oil injection cycle lubrication.

9) Low-voltage hydraulic system components are well-known products produced by domestically introduced technologies; key components of high-pressure AGC systems use imported products.

5. Sales Performance Table of 6 Hi Cold Rolling Mill 

NoYearClientsProduction Line Specification
12016广东RX实业有限公司Guangdong RX Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.1450mm偏八辊不锈钢冷轧机         1450mm partial 8 Hi   stainless steel cold rolling mill

6. High end customized Manufacture for Cold Rolling Mill 

If the advertised cold rolling mill is not what you need, please fill the following table, we will offer you what you required.

NO序号Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Remarks简要说明
1Material   Grades原料材质 
Purpose of use成品用途

2Entry thickness  原料厚度
Exit thickness    成品厚度

3Entry width原料宽度
Inner diameter   of finished products成品内径

4Inner diameter   of incoming material原料内径
Outer diameter   of finished product成品外径

5Outer diameter   of incoming material原料外径
Annual output年产量

6Max weight of   incoming coil原料重量
Max speed   requirements运行速度

7. The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Production Line

Specification   of Cold Rolling Mill
roller   Type4-roller   , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.
Stand   Typesingle-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold   rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands) 
Size   of finished productsWidth:   from 350-1450mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm
Applicationour   range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for   the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products   such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate. 

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Our advantage:

1) Customized Production 

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3). All-around pre-sales & after-sales services

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