850mm 5 Tandem cold rolling mill

The 850mm four Hi and six Hi five-stand tandem rolling mill program is for Mehr Steel Co. Ltd. cold-rolled steel sheet production line project, and includes engineering, supply, and guidance installation and commissioning, supervision and guidance of the commissioning phase and personnel. 

Tandem cold rolling mill 

This type of mill is a multi-stand continuous rolling mill consisting of four or six high mills. It is a high yield, low cost and high production efficiency machine. This type of unit includes various widths such as 400~1250mm, the fastest rolling speed is 600m/min, the rolling force is up to 1800 tons, the winding tension is up to 20 tons, and there are work roll positive/negative bending rolls, intermediate roll bending rolls, middle Roll twitching, AGC pressing. It can be equipped with double station roll changing machine, roller bearing oil and gas lubrication, reducer thin oil lubrication, and automatic rolling line adjustment device. The electric drive system uses the SIEMENS S7-400 series PLC main controller, the AGC system uses the SIEMENS S7-416+FM458 control, the key components use the imported products, such as the EMG automatic pair, the MOOG servo valve, the SONY magnetic ruler, the POLYTEC laser tachometer, the Dr-Brandt tension meter and so on.

850mm four Hi and six Hi five-stand tandem rolling mill 

1. Brief Introduction

The 850mm four Hi and six Hi five-stand tandem rolling mill program is for Mehr Steel Co. Ltd. cold-rolled steel sheet production line project, and includes engineering, supply, and guidance installation and commissioning, supervision and guidance of the commissioning phase and personnel. Training and related external supporting construction and installation project. Our goal is to introduce products that can ensure the stable production of all types and specifications of products in the product outline, the lowest production and operating costs, the lowest reasonable allocation of investment, and the best technical and economical equipment according to the product positioning requirements of the market and the existing supporting conditions. And engineering, so that users get the best economic benefits.

2. Main Technical parameters of cold rolling mill 

1Specification of Rolling MillΦ230*850/Φ770*820mm   four Hi cold rolling mill;Φ210*850/Φ280*820/Φ680*820mm   six Hi cold rolling mill 


Maximum Rolling Force7500KN
3Coil wearing speed0.3-0.5m/s
4Max Rolling Speed360m/min (the fifth stand is   the outlet)
5Looper feeding speed200m/min
5Unwinding tensionMax 25KN
5Coiling tensionMax 40KN
6Coil reel diameterΦ508~Φ510mm
7Hydraulic Transmission System Pressure10 Mpa
9Flat bending system pressure12   MPa 
11Main Drive Motor Power:F1:Z710-2A 1000KW 1   set     F2: Z710-2A 1000KW 1 set        F3: Z710-2A 1000KW 1 set  F4: Z710-2A 1000KW 1 set   F5: Z710-2A 1000KW 1 set 

3.Product Program

Standard of coming material

Thickness  2.5~4.0mm  


Width500 to 750mm  


Rolling diameter(interior /exterior)Φ508/1600/mm 
The maximum rolling weight10t 

Standard of finished products 

Rolling diameter(interior/exterior)Φ508/(Φ1600)mm 
The maximum rolling weight10t

4.Equipment Level

The more prominent technical characteristics are as follows:

1) DC drive, full digital DC speed control system (using Siemens 6RA80 control system).

2) Full hydraulic AGC reduction control system. (Pressure hydraulic cylinder, AGC control system, hydraulic station, thickness gauge, etc. have constant roll gap position control and constant pressure control and tilt automatic adjustment control function.)

3) The main motor drives the upper and lower work rolls through a combined reducer and universal joint shaft; the backup roll uses four rows of short cylindrical roller bearings, and the work rolls use four rows of short cylindrical roller bearings. The work roll, intermediate roll and backup roll bearings are lubricated with oil and gas.

4) Through the work roll hydraulic bending roll, the six roll intermediate roll twitch, and the roll cooling, it is ensured that the steel strip with high lateral precision and good plate shape is rolled out.

5) Roll segment cooling control, flow control.

6) Work roll positive bending control.

7) The six-roller intermediate roller is traversed to the setting and positive bending roller control.

8) Zero the rolling line pressure.

9) The main gear unit and the gear and pinion of the coiler are made of hardened tooth surfaces. The thin oil circulating cooling lubricates the tooth surfaces and bearings.

10) The work roll and middle roll change roll change, and the support roll hydraulic cylinder is pushed out and pulled in and replaced.

11) Adopt Siemens DC speed controller to realize basic automatic control, process parameter detection, display and control. Fault detection, display, and alarm of critical parts of equipment.

12) When the host outlet rewinds linkage, it has the function of strip length memory, automatic deceleration at the end of the belt; it has the functions of overload protection, automatic tape break protection and emergency shutdown of the whole machine; it adopts the field bus to constitute the whole network system, the main operation Taiwan set up man-machine interface, dynamic screen display.

13) Cut shears with flying shears.

14) Using two winders, automatically rolling from No. 1 to No. 2 after cutting.

5.Sales Performance Table of 4 Hi Cold Rolling Mill 

NoYearClientsProduction Line Specification


12017揭阳YS带钢有限公司Jieyang YS Steel   Coil Co.,Ltd.550mm五连轧机组 550 mm 5 Stand Tandem Cold   Rolling Mill
22013河北HX金属制品有限公司Hebei HX Metal   Products Co., Ltd.850mm五连轧改造                    850mm 5 stand tandem cold   rolling mill modification
32007BS钢铁制品有限公司       Bd Iron and Steel Products Co., Ltd.850mm五连轧机组            850mm 5 stand   tandem cold rolling mill

6.If the above specification or configuration is not you desired, please fill the following table, we will offer you what you required.

NO序号Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Items参数名称Specification requirements参数Remarks简要说明
1Material   Grades原料材质 
Purpose of use成品用途

2Entry thickness  原料厚度
Exit thickness    成品厚度

3Entry width原料宽度
Inner diameter   of finished products成品内径

4Inner diameter   of incoming material原料内径
Outer diameter   of finished product成品外径

5Outer diameter   of incoming material原料外径
Annual output年产量

6Max weight of   incoming coil原料重量
Max speed   requirements运行速度

7. The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Production Line.

Specification   of Cold Rolling Mill
roller   Type4-roller   , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.
Stand   Typesingle-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold   rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands) 
Size   of finished productsWidth:   from 350-1450mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm
Applicationour   range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for   the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products   such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate. 

Hebei Moran provides the customers with all-around, high value-added pre- sales & after-sales services. Factory design, selection of utility & auxiliary facilities, unit process layout, civil foundation design reference, as well as the well-rounded training combined with theory and hands-on exercises for line operators and maintainers, all are freely available.

Our advantage:

1) Customized Production 

2) High cost-effective product

3). All-around pre-sales & after-sales services

4) Independent intellectual property rights

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