• Tension Leveler
  • Tension Leveler

Tension Leveler

Width 650-1450mm

Width 650-1450mm, 

suitable for plain carbon steel and stainless steel.

NoParameter & function
1FunctionIt is used for straightening   metal strip through plastic elongation under the joint effect of continuous   drawing and deformation so as to eliminate the defect of sheet metal.
2Highest speed300m/min
3Maximum drawing tension15 tons
4Diameter of its S rollNo less than 800mm
5ConfigurationCPC system is used for decoiling; EPC system is used   for coiling;
6OptionalSeam welder, electrostatic strip-oiling apparatus
7Electric drive systemSiemens S7-400 PLC as main controller
8 Hydraulic and   Key elements are from famous Chinese manufacturers