• 1450mm 6 Hi cold rolling mill
  • 1450mm 6 Hi cold rolling mill
  • 1450mm 6 Hi cold rolling mill

1450mm 6 Hi cold rolling mill

1450 6-roll reversible cold rolling unit is the cold rolling production line with designed annual output of 225 thousand tons and adopts UCM-type single-stand mill.

Four-roll, Six-roll cold rolling mill 

It includes models with width range between 650mm and 1450mm, with the highest speed of 1200m/min, the maximum rolling force of 2000T and the maximum coiling tension of 24 tons. It can be used for rolling alloy steel such as 65Mn and 30 CrMo, allows various profile adjustment ways such as positive/negative bending of working roll, bending and twitching of intermediate roll, depressing for deviation adjustment and cooling roll step by step, and can be provided with double-station  roll changing carriage, oil-gas lubrication system for roll bearing and automatic rolling line adjustment device. The electric drive system adopts Siemens S7-400 PLC as the main controller and AGC system is controlled by Siemens S7-416+FM458. Key elements, such as EMG automatic centering system, MOOG servo valve, SONY magnetic scale, POLYTEC laser velocimeter and Dr-Brandt tensionmenter, are imported products.

1450mm 6hi cold rolling mill 

1. Its usage

To roll high quality cold rolled steel coil( plain carbon steel)

2. Brief  Introduction:

The production of this unit is to roll hot rolled coils with the thickness of 2.0~4.5mm into high precision cold rolled coils with the thickness of 0.18~1.5mm through several time of rolling. The scale of the cold rolling production line is a production of 225 thousand tons of cold rolled steel coils per year. It adopts the UCM-type single-stand 6-roll reversible cold rolling mill. The work roll of the rolling mill is equipped with positive and negative bending. The intermediate roll is equipped with positive bending and twitch. The uncoiler is equipped. Both front and rear frames are equipped with coiler, thickness gauge, laser velocimeter etc., which can realize large tension rolling and guarantee high-speed and stable production with specified thinness.

3. Technical Data 

Rolling mill specification:  1250 450 370 1450mm 

Working roll size: 370~3301450 mm

Intermediate roll size: 450~4001450 mm

Max rolling pressure: 18000 KN

Max rolling speed: 1200m/min

Outline dimension of the Unit (length x width x height): ≈25x31x11  m  

Finished product precision: 

Longitudinal thickness tolerance(rolling at stable speed): 


<±1.0%d  (d>0.5mm)

Longitudinal thickness tolerance(speeding up or slowing down): <±0.01mm(d≤0.5mm)

<±2.0%d  (d>0.5mm)

Coil mandrel diameter of the uncoiler:  560~ 620  mm (entire circle 610  mm)

Coil mandrel diameter of the coiler:    495~ 510  mm (entire circle 508  mm)

Unit drive direction:  Left side of blooming pass strip heading direction

4. Product Program:


Mechnical Property:


Input Thickness:

 Input Width: 

Coiling diameter: 

Max coil weight:

 Output Thickness:


σs≤380  N/mm²

1) Strip camber: ≤5mm/2m; tower: ≤5mm

2) Strip passband tolerance: ≤±0.15mm; transverse difference: ≤0.20mm

3) Uniform hardness, and no obvious defects like inclusions, sinkholes   or raw edges.

1.2~4.5  mm

800~1300  mm

F610/F2000  mm

26 T                           


5. Sales Performance Table of 1450mm series cold rolling mill production line

1450mm Series Cold Rolling Mill Records
NoSpecification Max   Speed(M/Min)Input   material  Maxmium   Thickness (mm)Location 
16-Hi1000M/minPlain   carbon steel 0.18mmHebei   Province
21200M/min0.18mmShandong   Province
31200   M/min0.18mmUzbekistan
4600M/min0.18mmYunan   Province
64Hi   Temper Mill 600M/min0.18mmHebei   Province
74Hi300M/minStainless   steel 
Guangdong   Province
88Hi360M/minPlain   carbon steel 
Guangdong   Province
920Hi600M/min0.08mmHebei   Province
1020Hi480M/minStainless   steel 0.1mmGuangdong   Province
1120   Hi480M/min0.1mmFujian   Province
12Tension   Leveller240M/minPlain   carbon steel 
Hebei   Province
13Tension   Leveller150M/min
Jiangsu   Province
14Push   pull Acid Pickling Line 80M/min
Hebei   Province 
Note:   the 1450mm width means the width of working roll, the actual steel strip   width is 100mm-150mm narrower than the width of working roll.

6.The Range of Our Main Cold Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Production Line

Specification   of Cold Rolling Mill
roller   Type4-roller   , 6-roller, 8-roller, 12-roller, 20-roller cold rolling mill.
Stand   Typesingle-stand  reversible cold rolling mill; tandem cold   rolling mill( from 3 stands to 6 stands) 
Size   of finished productsWidth:   from 350-1450mm; Thickness: from 0.1mm to 3.0mm
Applicationour   range of products covers all areas of the cold rolling industry, suitable for   the production and upstream & downstream sectors of cold-rolled products   such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel coil and plate. 

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Our advantage:

1) Customized Production 

2) High cost-effective product

3). All-around pre-sales & after-sales services

4) Independent intellectual property rights

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